Information and Management Systems


Citizen Information System:

The system is the most important part of the e-Government infrastructure, as all systems use up to date data in this database. Modernization of services is ensured with digitalizing the information by the system, thus governmental organizations and institutions perform their duties quickly easily and safely and this reduces bureaucracy


Smart City Management System:

It provides Web / Mobile based BI & BOT service management between citizen and institution within the scope of smart city. Requests, complaints, notices and their processes are monitored and the lifecycle of them is being managed from beginning (making stage) to the finalization stage by the administration.


Maritime and Port Management Information System:

While the system is a comprehensive solution that can be quickly incorporated into your processes, it is flexible enough to be customized according to specific customer needs. The system increases the efficiency of all stakeholders, from ship owners to crew, inspection service providers, regulatory agencies and port authorities. It also decreases costs and improves precision and digital archiving efficiency.