Secure Communication Systems


Secure Data Transfer System:

It is a safe file transfer software for large files which is developed for companies Regardless of the file size to be sent, wherever you are in the world, your sensitive data is delivered to the recipients with end to end encryption. It is designed to be used on users’ own company servers.


FCCS, Flight Common Communication System:

It provides all communication between flight crews and operation, tower, ground services, technical support and airline company during the period from flight creation to departure. Especially it is developed for the needs of the member companies of Star Alliance.



Wunity, which provides web-based conferences, meetings and collaborations, is produced as a native alternative to other video conferencing systems; it can be operated on the cloud or internal server according to the user choice.



Guardian is a secure, in-house communication application with IOS/Android and web versions that provides chat, sharing and audio/video calls between users. When smartphones began to become prevalent everywhere in the early 2010s, chat applications gradually began to replace the mobile communication standard SMS.However, all chat apps exhibit serious security flaws. As the biggest flaw; chat data can be monitored and analyzed by undesired parties. With Guardian, all chat data is kept on your system securely as an on-premise solution.